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Content Spectrum is a minority-owned, Creative Marketing Agency located in Charlotte, NC with more than two decades of experience in the industry. We’re passionate #BrandChampions who find joy in helping our clients tell their stories and elevate their brands — one word, one visual at a time. With our roots in print media and marketing, we leverage and infuse the power of storytelling into the variety of marketing services that we now offer individuals and companies of all sizes.

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Meet the Owner & founder

Constance Brossa’s affinity for narratives – whether spoken or written – developed when she was in grade school, then was nurtured and honed in college and throughout her 12-year run as a print journalist. She has made crafting and elevating an authentic, compelling brand story her current value proposition for her clients.

Constance’s journey began with purchasing a $300 RadioShack Tandy computer from a former newsroom coworker. She then launched Final Edit, a writing-and-editing service based in Charlotte, North Carolina. As Final Edit’s customer base grew from regional to national, so did client requests for services. Constance decided to build a team of entrepreneurial creatives skilled in branding, copywriting, graphic design, social media marketing, translation services and website design to better serve her clients.

During this period, Constance decided the name Final Edit was a misnomer, a symbol of its origin and its past. In 2015, Final Edit became Content Spectrum® – a marketing agency creating a broad range of deliverables for clients in sectors such as entertainment, food service, manufacturing and real estate. Among other things, Content Spectrum has long been a niche creator of diversity, equity and inclusion deliverables.

Constance and Content Spectrum have come far since she invested in that $300 personal computer. And just as she did in the early days of her entrepreneurial journey, she continues to invest in – and make strategic expansion moves – for Content Spectrum in terms of its team and scope of work.

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